Live Updates from Excel in your WordPress site


The ipushpull WordPress plugin makes it easy to automate updates or display live updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress pages. You’ll need an ipushpull account to use the plugin – sign up for a free trial here!


  • Display the latest data from your desktop spreadsheets in your WordPress pages
  • You don’t need to save the source spreadsheet to update the data
  • Your content updates automatically – the reader does not need to refresh their browser to get the latest update
  • You choose the range of cells that gets displayed
  • You control the update frequency – every few seconds, every hour, every day
  • Data can be public or password protected


Take a look at this page on the ipushpull blog to see the plugin in action.

What is ipushpull?

ipushpull lets you share live data between desktop Excel spreadsheets and publish it on the web. The ipushpull WordPress plugin lets you easily embed the spreadsheet data you’re sharing in your WordPress site. You’ll need an ipushpull account to use it – if you don’t have one yet, sign up now for free.

For more information please visit the ipushpull website and the ipushpull Help and Support Centre.

User Guide

When you sign up to ipushpull we create a Folder for you, containing live data Pages. You can then push data to these pages from desktop Excel spreadsheets, databases or any of the other applications we support.

ipushpull Embed Shortcode

This embeds the live data page you specify in your article (or other places WP shortcodes may be used such as widgets etc.).
The easiest way to build a shortcode is by using our simple Shortcode Generator. Run it by clicking the ipushpull icon on the WordPress toolbar after you’ve installed the plugin. Select your folder, page and any options and it builds your shortcode for you automatically!
Here’s details of all the options you can set.

[ipushpull_page parameters]


  • folderrequired Name of ipushpull Folder
  • pagerequired Name of ipushpull Page
  • width – Width of embedded element (any css value)
  • height – Height of embedded element (any css value)
  • interval – How often the page should update (in seconds). If your content doesn’t update frequently, it’s good to set the interval to a higher value. This will be more efficient for your visitors’ browsers. You cannot set this interval lower than the minimum pull interval in your page’s settings.

Look & Feel Control
Customers with Business or Enterprise packages can control the look and feel of their ipushpull pages using the following parameters:

  • btn_share – Remove the “Share” button
  • btn_popup – Remove the “Popup” button
  • btn_download – Remove the “Download” button (data pages only)
  • update_frequency – Remove the indicator of update frequency (not recommended)

Notes on parameters:

  • Width and height parameters can hold any value that follows css format – *px, *em, *vw, *%, auto, etc.
  • Look & feel parameters can take any of the values: “no”, “hide”, “false” or 0


[ipushpull_page folder="my_folder_name" page="my_page_name" height="300px" interval=30]

To try this out without signing up to ipushpull first, use the following demo page that we keep constantly updated:

[ipushpull_page folder="DemoExcelUsers" page="BlogSummary" height="325px"]

If you are a Business or Enterprise customer, you can control the look and feel of the ipushpull toolbar like this:

[ipushpull_page folder="DemoExcelUsers" page="BlogSummary" height="325px" btn_share="no" btn_download="no"]


If you want to reference your embedded ipushpull pages in your site code or css, the plugin generates unique identifiers for the html elements containing the embedded pages:

  • id – ippEmbedPage_folder_page (e.g. ippEmbedPage_MyCompany_PriceList)
  • name – ipp_page_folder_page (e.g. ipp_page_MyCompany_PriceList)

Where “folder” and “page” are the Folder and Page names you’ve specified.


The content of the embedded data replicates the styles you’ve specified in Excel (or whatever client application you’ve used to generate the data). You can change the style of the wrapping element itself. Every element containing an ipushpull page has the css class “ipushpull_page“.

Feedback and Suggestions
If you find this plugin useful, please rate it and leave a review. If you have any suggestions for improvements then please get in touch!


  • Where to find the Folder Name (Red) and Page Name (Green) in the ipushpull website so that you can insert them into your shortcode.
  • Live data from an Excel spreadsheet embedded in the ipushpull WordPress blog.
  • Static data from an Excel spreadsheet, showing the range of links you can embed in your pages.
  • Error displayed to your site visitors if you have not made your Page Public. See this article to fix the problem.
  • Error displayed to your site visitors if you have made a mistake with the Folder or Page name. Correct it and try again!
  • Click the highlighted button on the WordPress toolbar to start the ipushpull Shortcode generator.
  • The ipushpull Shortcode Generator automatically creates shortcodes from the folder, page and other options you select.


You can install the ipushpull WordPress plugin using any of these standard methods:

Install using WordPress administrator panel

  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Type ipushpull in the search box
  3. Click on the Install Now link below the plugin title
  4. After installation is finished, click on the Activate Plugin link

Upload using WordPress administrator panel

  1. Download the plugin ZIP file
  2. In the WordPress admin panel navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Click on the Upload link
  4. Select the zip file you downloaded and confirm submission
  5. After installation is finished, click on the Activate Plugin link

Manual Upload

  1. Download the plugin ZIP file
  2. Upload the contents of the ZIP file into ‘wp-content/plugins’
  3. Open your WordPress administration panel
  4. Navigate to Plugins -> Installed Plugins
  5. Click on Activate Plugin link below the plugin title

After installation

  1. Sign up for a free ipushpull account and download and install our Excel add-in
  2. Create an ipushpull Page and start pushing data to it from your desktop Excel
  3. Make the Page Public if you want all visitors to your site to see it
  4. Embed the page in your WordPress site using the following shortcode:
    [ipushpull_page folder=”my_folder_name” page=”my_page_name” height=”300px”]


How do I embed live Excel spreadsheet data in my WordPress site?

  1. Sign up for a free ipushpull account and download and install our Excel add-in
  2. Create an ipushpull Page and start pushing data to it from your desktop Excel
  3. Make the Page Public if you want all visitors to your site to see it
  4. Embed the page in your WordPress site using a shortcode. Use our shortcode generator or write one like this:
    [ipushpull_page folder=”my_folder_name” page=”my_page_name” height=”300px”]

How do I find out more?

More documentation can be found at the ipushpull Support Centre.

Can I see some live examples of Excel data updating in a blog post?

Sure – this page on the ipushpull WordPress blog includes several examples.

Is there some test data that I can use without having to sign up to ipushpull first?

Yes – we have a demo ipushpull page that is constantly being updated. It’s in the folder DemoExcelUsers and is called BlogSummary. You can embed this in your WordPress page using the following shortcode:

[ipushpull_page folder="DemoExcelUsers" page="BlogSummary" height="325px"]

Can I control which functions are displayed on the ipushpull toolbar?

ipushpull users with a Business or Enterprise account can control the appearance of the toolbar. For more details about these packages please see our Pricing Page.

Instead of my data, my visitors see the error message “You don’t have access to this page”

This means that the ipushpull Page has not been set to Public. A Page has to be Public if you want every visitor to your website to be able to see it.
See this support article for instructions.

Instead of my data, my visitors see the error message “Requested page was not found”

This means that you have made a mistake with the Folder or Page name in your shortcode. Correct the problem and try again.

Where can I get more support?

Support pages haven’t answered your question? Email [link](a href=”” title=”ipushpull Support”) for further help.


January 3, 2017
This plug in works very well indeed. I had a couple of issues with the free version which were quickly resolved by the support team. Only disadvantage is that Mac O/S is not supported. The Enterprise version apparently has alerts - would be good to see some pricing options for individual users that included features like this.
September 8, 2016
Really good for merging Excel data and gives you way more control. Great for my website especially where I'm using data from different sources. You have to create an account from their website first but it's really worth it.
September 3, 2016
I found this plugin very useful for displaying my Excel data without needing any extensive coding added on the web server. The support team is very helpful with answering queries and are working very hard to add more features.
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